A shadow in the night;
|Elliot| 22| Irish| Cursed|

My bark's bigger than my bite, promise.

wolf-shaped  bullet

Still there are darkened places, deep in my heart. Where once was a blazing light, now there's a tiny spark.

{RP blog for an OC I created, will RP with any fandom.}

M!A status: -

Tracked tag: littlestgingerwolf

Feeling herself succumbing once again to the oddly comforting numbness that seemed to linger at the edge of her mind, Elliot decided to leave the confines of her house for the first time in at least a week. She’d become drawn into her writing again and she only moved to leave the house whenever she felt herself slipping. It wasn’t… good for her to be alone during that. Simply being in the public eye was enough to keep her head straight. Dragging herself sluggishly along the streets, the female gave up after ten minutes of walking and ducked into a small coffee shop. Slipping herself into a chair, she rested her elbows on the table and proceeded to prop her chin up with the heel of her hand. Maybe leaving the house wasn’t the best idea in the world.